Felix Agostini

A brilliant alloy

In a blazing posthumous tribute, Charles is re-releasing the works of Félix Agostini, shedding the light of a new and international modernity on these classic pieces. When these two master sculptors of light join forces, the results set off sparks in the form of an exclusive collection of finely chiseled bronze lamps. These contemporary and yet timeless pieces of interior jewellery reflect the company’s commitment to craftsmanship.

Drawing on a century-old expert tradition, the bronze artist reproduces and refines each piece by hand, exalting the original model with the steady hand of a master. Over the hours of patient work, meticulousness transforms into magic. The texture shines like a star, causing the electricity to dance over the exquisite metal.

Under the lights, mythological characters, angels, horses, birds, and more come to life, soaring up to the sky, their slender silhouettes harmoniously crafted by a music-loving artist.